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Round Laminate Router:
Pkg(3) #00103
Pkg(20) #00104

The Round laminate router overlay is designed for the small “can “router. While most laminate routers have a composite shoe the Slick Saw overlay greatly reduces friction. Fits the Porter Cable® , and most small round laminate routers.

Round Laminate Router Before Round Laminate Router After
Square Laminate Router:
Pkg(3) #00101
Pkg(20) #00102

The Square laminate router overlay fits almost all square base trimmers. Protects those thin veneers and expensive laminates.

Square Laminate Router Before Square Laminate Router After
Circular Saw:
Pkg(3) #00111
Pkg(20) #00112

Most carpenters use their circular saws for everything from cutting ridge vents in roofs to masonry to veneered plywood and paneling. The circular saw overlay is the largest and time tested Slick Saw® product, worth its weight in gold when cutting expensive surfaces!

Circular Saw Before Circular Saw After
Pkg(3) #00105
Pkg(20) #00106

The router is probably the most versatile tool in the woodworkers shop. It is also the most abused, throw into to drawers and cabinets. Slick Saw® router overlays fit most all regular sized routers. You will be amazed how little effort it takes to push the router over the work surface. A side benefit is less burned edges and chatters of the router bit!

Router Before Router After
Bulk 27” x 27”:

You won’t regret having a piece of this material in you tool arsenal. It can be used for your custom tools, scroll saw, band saws, rip fences, in feed and out feed tables or just renewing that old rusty table saw, it will look brand new! So step up to Slick Saw® and “No Mar Sawing ™”


Sample Pack Contains: One - circular saw overlay, one - jig saw, router, or square base laminate router overlay and one - round base laminate router overlay is also available.


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